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Applied Behavior Analysis is an evidence-based science that targets behavior change. ABA is most well known for being effective in treating those with autism spectrum disorders. ABA uses principles of reinforcement, punishment, and extinction to teach new skills, maintain current skills, and alter behavior.

If you are in Arizona and are seeking ABA therapy for your child, Full Spectrum provides early in-home early intervention on a case-by-case basis. Interest lists are in place for the Phoenix Area.

At Full Spectrum, ABA programs are developed and overseen by Board Certified Behavior Analysts. BCBAs are masters level clinicians who have completed over 1500 hours of fieldwork and have also passed an international certification exam. Direct therapists are individuals who have completed 40-hours of ABA coursework, passed a rigorous assessment of their skills and completed the exam to qualify them as Registered Behavior Technicians.


Not all ABA therapy is the same! ABA therapy at Full Spectrum is heavily focused around basic skills and preparing early learners for the school environment. Specifically, our team has extensive experience in teaching verbal behavior, augmentative communication, safety skills, toileting, and school skills.  If your child is between the ages of 2-6 and is diagnosed with autism, we may be a good fit! Contact our office today to talk with one of our team members.


Most insurance companies cover ABA therapy for children with Autism. Current insurances that are considered in-network include:

United Healthcare

Blue Cross Blue Shield




Banner University Family Plan


FS Behavior also offers remote consultation for parents and caregivers over HIPAA compliant video software. This is a great option for families living outside of Arizona and in other countries.



Rebecca Pawlowski, DBH, BCBA-LBA


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